1. If you are wanting to cancel a party with us or postpone this, we will need as much notice as possible. If this has already been paid we require at least 72 hours notice for a full refund. If this is not the case, we hold $100 of your booking payment The rest is paid within 7 days of request.

  2. All parties are required to pay a $50 booking deposit. This is non refundable if there is a cancellation.

  3. If on a rare occurrence, there is an emergency or sick entertainer, Rainbow Kids Parties will do their best to to find a replacement for this. This may mean a different character but we will endeavour to do our best on this.

  4. Please ensure you have given us all your contact details. Entertainers call parents and clients beforehand to check timings of parties are still the same and confirm any extra details.

  5. All of our packages have a limit of children per entertainer. If circumstances change and there will be more children attending than this limit, clients are required to pay for the second entertainer. If on the day there are more children than stated, clients will be billed for this after the event.

  6. All parties need to be paid in full before the date. If this does not happen, Rainbow Kids Parties will not be able to attend your events.

  7. All clients are given 2 warnings of overdue payment before a party. If we do not hear from you or receive payment we can not make the event.

  8. Please make sure to prepare for the weather at your party. If it is raining or even too hot, please provide a shaded area for the kids and the entertainer. 

  9. Parking is to be provided for all events for entertainers. If parking is in a public paid place, reimbursement for this is required.

  10. If there are going to be over 15 children at an event with 1 host, Rainbow Kids Parties will ask you to please choose between face painting and balloon twisting. We do not want anyone to miss out and want to ensure there is enough time for this. If you are insistent on having both of these fun activities at your party - we may ask you to extend the duration.

  11. If there is a chance adults want to join in with the face painting and balloons, this is absolutely fine. However, we always will give the children the chance first and if there is time left over we can then let the older party goers have a turn!

  12. Sometimes with big celebrations there are other activities such as bouncy castles or magicians etc. This is a lot of fun, but we ask that you understand if the children’s interest levels change with the entertainer. It can be difficult to keep all the kids engaged with this going on too.

  13. All of our balloons are eco friendly and don’t harm the environment. Due to this, on very hot days balloons can pop a lot easier. We ask again that entertainers have a shaded spot to complete this task.

  14. When providing a space for the entertainment, it is crucial to ensure there is enough room for games and dancing etc. If there are a lot of parents attending the event and a small space, we ask that they don’t overcrowd the kids and entertainer.

  15. Please provide a table and 2 chairs for face painting.

  16. If for some reason you are unhappy with your party, PLEASE let us know as soon as you can. If what was promised was not provided to you on the day we will do our best to reimburse this for you.

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