FREQUENTLY asked questions...

Where is the best space for the entertainer and kids?

- We suggest doing it somewhere undercover. We just need somewhere the kids have room to dance and have room to move around.

When should we serve food?

- We suggest doing food when the kids are waiting for their turn at face painting or while the entertainer is doing balloons. You can also do it after we leave.

When should we do the cake?

- Doing the cake is such a fun part! We can either be there for the cake and have photos with the birthday child or you can do this as we leave.

What time should I get the kids to arrive?

- Try and get the kids to arrive at least 15-30 minutes before your entertainer. This gives the kids time to warm up and also avoids late comers. 

What if my child gets nervous about the costume?

- If you find your child is a bit nervous around the entertainer dressed in character we can happily take the mask off for a friendlier approach!

What happens if we want to postpone or change the date?

- We are happy to change your party date for you if needed. We just need at least 3 days notice for this.

What happens if more kids show up on the day?

- We understand that sometimes siblings or others may be added on the day unexpectedly to the party. If this is the case and you are over the suggested number, this may mean some of the activities are cut short.

Are parties suited for boys and girls?

- Our parties are suited for EVERYONE! Even if you have a certain character, we bring prizes that suit everyone and can do balloons and face paint designs to suit.

What if my child changes their character choice?

- We are more than happy to change your character before your party. We know how kids can change their mind! We just need at least a weeks notice to ensure this next option is available.