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Disco Parties are a blast for everyone. We have created 2 packages below for the suggested ages. These parties are adaptable to suit your party needs.

Kids are able to choose their favourite jams to play throughout the disco too. We can also add a themed character of your choice.

 These parties run for 1.5 - 2 hours and can be anywhere from a garage, to a lounge or a hired venue!

Disco Dance Parties: (ages 4-10)

  • Karaoke microphones

  • Light machines

  • Bubble machines

  • Glow sticks for each child

  • Games with prizes

  • Dancing games

  • Disco balls

  • Your choice of a party extra! (balloon twisting, coloured hairspray or temporary tattoos)

  • FREE editable invite that can be printed as a PDF or sent to your guests electronically!

Our Chella' Disco Parties were designed for children aged 9+ who are wanting a disco party that is like a mini festival for kids! These parties will feature all the latest hits plus lots of exciting activities to ensure all the boys and girls have a great time. 

Festival Chella Disco Parties: (ages 9+)

  • Songs of your choice or the top hits 

  • Light machines

  • Games and prizes

  • Dancing competitions

  • Bubble machine

  • Glow sticks

  • Disco balls

  • Photo props for selfies!

  • Temporary festival tattoos

  • Festival jewels and or glitter makeup

  • Prizes

We try our best to include all activities, but for larger numbers this can sometimes change.

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